Reclaimed Wood: About the Craftsman

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Posted: October 26, 2023

In my home, I have a treasure trove of well-worn, woodworking tools on display. Many of these heirloom instruments belonged to my great-great-grandfather, whose passion for the trade has been passed down through the generations.

I was raised on a small, humble farm where fixing and fabricating things were essential to survival.  As a young boy, I remember building a traditional, wood barn alongside my older brother – the first of MANY woodworking experiences.

Artisan Evolution: Woodworking Journey

As a teen, I took a job at the home of a local doctor, designing and constructing outdoor landscape structures, such as gazebos, arbors, and walking bridges.  The doctor was a free spirit and allowed me to express my vision throughout his expansive property.  There, I gained knowledge and experience and honed my skills. I learned that working with wood could be artful and enjoyable…not just necessary.

As an adult, I have had the unique privilege to own and operate a large corporation designing and developing displays and cabinetry and a home renovation company specializing in high-end artisan-type construction.

Now, combining the fundamental ideas of the two enterprises, I proudly hand-craft innovative, custom range hoods that are practical, yet elegant and stylish. These hoods will be the focal point of any kitchen that showcases them. They are built to the highest standards, as they bear my name, and more importantly, the name of my great, great-grandfather.

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