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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions.

All of our hoods are made to order, we do not keep any in stock. For non-custom orders, our standard lead time is 20-24 business days. Once the hood is made we use R&L Carriers to ship. For any custom orders, the lead time is 25-30 business days.

You can visit this page to see if your vent will fit our hoods:

To determine if your insert will fit you must look at the interior dimensions of the hood. We use 3/4″ thick material for the construction of the hoods. To determine the interior width you would look at the size hood you are interested in and subtract 1.5″. For example, for a 48″ hood (please note total exterior width for this option is 49.5″) the interior width would be 46.5″ wide. Then you must determine the interior depth. We have three options 18″, 20.5″ or 22.5″ inside opening. Make sure to purchase the option that will best accommodate your insert. You must also look at height. The apron of all of our hoods is 8-1/4″ tall. If your insert is taller than this we would recommend reaching out to us directly so we can determine if it will work.

Our hoods are made cabinet grade plywood with a white maple veneer.

We can custom match paint to your specific color for an additional fee of $850. In order to do this, we require that you mail a physical sample of the color to our facility to be matched. Please write your name or order number on the back of the sample and complete the PDF form that will be sent to you once your order is complete.

Yes, on our product pages, you will see the option to remove side trim or all trim.  In this case, we still provide the trim precut and ready to install. Please note that our hoods are a two-piece construction to allow for easy installation. Because of this, we highly recommend installing the trim as there will be a seam between where the chimney and the apron of the hood meet.

We use 3/4″ thick trim on our hoods. To determine total exterior width you will add 1.5″ to the size hood you are interested in. For example, for a 30″ wide hood, the total exterior width will be 31.5″.

We recommend 30″-36″ between your cooktop and the bottom of the hood. Typically, if you have 8′ ceilings we would recommend a 30″ tall hood. With 9′ ceilings we recommend a 36″ tall hood and with 10′ ceilings, we recommend a 48″ tall hood

Yes, every hood is trimmable by up to 6″. You can do this yourself or we are happy to cut it down before we ship it for an additional $125. Please note that you cannot cut the hoods by more than 6″ as it will threaten the structural integrity of the hoods.

When a replacement is necessary, the new hood will go into production the next business day. The lead time for the replacement hood is 10 business days.
We recommend allowing sufficient time between receiving your hood and scheduling your installation to ensure all products are received, damage free, and ready for installation. While we do our best to mitigate damage and shipping delays, these do happen and may have an impact on your installation schedule. We are not responsible for fees charged by your contractor for missed installation dates or trip charges.

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