Buying The Right Hoods For Your Needs

Posted: May 12, 2022

The range hood is the perfect option to get rid of moisture, heat, and grease that is generated from cooking.

When you hunt for the kitchen range hoods you get plenty of styles for ranges, built-ins, and islands. Now, you need to find out the right option that is suitable for your kitchen.

These days even builders are working towards providing their clients with already installed range hoods in their kitchen. There are many wholesale wood hoods for builders available in the market.



Range hoods are great residential hoods that help release bad odor out of your kitchen post-cooking.

No matter you have a small kitchen or you want to throw out the bad odors out of commercial space, what matters is installing the right range hood for your space

Many people are not aware of the fact that residential and commercial hoods are not similar.


Range Hoods for kitchen

When it comes to residential and commercial gas hoods both are available in the market in different styles and sizes.

Now talking about commercial hoods, they are made out of heavy materials, which make them more durable as compared to residential ones.

Sloped with Strapping

Important factors to be considered while choosing hoods


As commercial hoods are a bit heavier they need fortifying the floor. It ensures that the floor and kitchen can hold their weight and do not result in any major issues. Thus you need to consider the weight of that specific equipment.


Exhaust Hoods

The cooking temperature produced by a residential is lower. Thus, it doesn’t need an exhaust hood with higher specifications. However, the commercial gas requires a hood that is the same as the efficiency of a stove.

The kitchen can be safe with commercial vent hood as it throws out the combustion gases easily out of the kitchen. Mostly homeowners prefer basic hoods to eliminate odors and gases.

Building Codes

It can be one of the crucial differences in commercial and residential ranges. If you are planning to set up a commercial hood, make sure you obey the building codes (local).

Apart from the place where you wish to install it, you need to follow other rules laid in your locality.

Safety Concerns

Commercial range hoods possess plenty of safety features. They have lights to measure the combustion level in the kitchen and accordingly these lights turn ON/OFF.

Stylish designs

You can find the commercial style hoods to be stylish and appealing. They produce more power and are the ideal equipment for all commercial establishments. This helps the staff or customers not to get affected by combustion gases/ bad odor.

Upscale kitchens having huge industrial hoods/ built-in covers show that they have taken the right decision. The factors to be considered to buy such hoods are


In case you engage in cooking a lot in the kitchen and the kitchen has the capacity to hold a bigger hood, then you can go for an oversized hood


Here you need to choose from

  • Ducted or vented hood
  • Non- vented/ re-circulated/ duct-free hood.

The vented hood forces the air out of the house to eliminate the smells and smoke thoroughly.


The noise is measured in unit – sones. Compare the sones for different units you wish to buy.


The most important feature that you need to check out for is – multiple fan speed. Try to go for a model that provides a knob with variable speed.


The above factors can help you buy the right range hoods for your space. You can consider all the aspects so that you buy a suitable hood for your kitchen or commercial property.