Choose the Perfect Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Posted: May 12, 2022

A filtration system is included in most of the hood of your kitchen. Range Hoods serve a great purpose in removing the oil and grease from your kitchen. Range Hood is a device that can be hung on the walls of your kitchen or above your cooktop. If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen, then you must keep your hood into consideration.

Exhaust hoods have built-in lighting as well as some other hood accessories such as shelf units, dish racks, backsplash panels. The main advantage of an extractor hood is that it can easily filter the airflow, without harming the edible materials and can be easily installed if it is semi-automatic.

Range hoods are automatic as well as manual. They come in different sizes as well as shapes. You will have to select them keeping in mind your requirements. Different styles make the kitchen looks large as well as spacious.

Are you confused about whether to go for range hoods or not?

If you don’t cook at your home regularly or you cook 2 3 times a month, then you will not necessarily need a range hood. The exhaust will work for you, but if you cook at your home regularly, you should select a nice range hood for your kitchen. You will have to think about how the hood will work for you after you add it to your kitchen.

You will have to consider a few points while selecting the best range hood for you, they are as under:

Strength of Range Hood:

Air movement power for range hoods is always measured in cubic feet per minute. For example, if your burner output is 40,000 BTUs, look for a range hood that provides 400 cubic feet per minute to best clean the air. The strength of range hoods affects its functioning so one should always keep in mind the strength.

Filters of Range Hood:

Filters of Range Hood are made up of aluminum. These filters work to trap grease in it. Filters are dishwasher safe and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. You will have to wash them more depending on your usage. Some hoods come with filter indicator lights which will alert you when you need to change your filters.

Consider its features

Range hoods not only has a single feature, but it comes with a variety of features. It is the most prominent item in the kitchen. To ensure proper functioning you will have to check the CFM, it should be 350 or more, you should make sure it doesn’t make too much sound while it’s running. It annoys the user and disturbs the peace after a long working day. There are various noise-free chimneys also available. Consider all the features and then buy them.


There are various types of Range Hoods available in the market. They are as under:

  • Under Cabinet Hoods
  • Wall-Mount Hoods
  • Chimney Hoods
  • Downdraft Hoods
  • Custom Range Hood

Match the finish:

Consider the looks of your kitchen and then select the finish that will sync with your kitchen. There are a lot of hoods that have seamless welding and which avoids the space between parts as well as avoid mess finish. Select the finish of the product, make sure it matches with your kitchen.

Material used:

Range hood comes in different types of material. Its overall construction comes with different types of materials. There are various wood as well as metal materials used in the construction of range hoods. The overall appearance of your range hood can be enhanced by the color and finish it has. Several best wooden materials are selected for wood Range Hoods. If we consider metal range hoods, zinc hoods are most recommended to select.

Other features:

Automatic shut off feature

Various lights included ranging from two to four which will lighten up your cooking area

Wifi capacity

Indicator to indicate user the time to clean your filters.

Various Certified range hoods are also available