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Hoodsly partnered with Zephyr to offer our clients high-quality ventilation units that provide homeowners with a new, wireless range hood experience.

Zephyr units can be controlled by the buttons on the unit, or using the wireless remote control. Zephyr Monsoon Connect Units can be paired to your phone via the Zephyr Connect App. Zephyr Connect Units are only available in sizes 36 to 48 inches. The app lets you control your range hood from your phone, and it provides enhanced product support with real-time diagnostics and filter cleaning reminders.

Each unit is also equipped with 2-4 Tri-Level LumiLight LED lights. All units are equipped with removable, dishwasher-safe baffle filters and a grease trap.

Powerful Ventilation

Zephyr units are available in 600, 700, or a powerful 1200 CFM. Zephyr units operate between 1 to 6 sones for 600 to 700 CFM models and 3.5 to 9 sones for 1200 CFM models. To put it in perspective, 1 sone is equivalent to a refrigerator hum, 6 sones compare to restaurant noise levels, and 9 sones compare to moderate traffic sounds.

Recirculating Capabilities

The corresponding duct sizes are 8" and 10", respectively. Zephyr units can also provide recirculating capabilities with the purchase of a recirculating kit. Charcoal and grease filters help trap smoke, grease, and odors at the source and recirculate air, no ducting required.

Enhanced Control

Experience enhanced control with Zephyr's Airflow Control Technology, allowing you to adjust CFM levels to meet makeup air requirements. For example, a 600 CFM unit can be lowered to 290 or 390 CFM to accommodate for make-up air requirements. Keep in mind that once the CFM has been lowered, it cannot be raised.

Increased Depth Notice

If you are purchasing a Zephyr unit, you MUST increase the depth of your range hood to 19.25 inches or 22.5 inches based on the unit you select, or the unit will not fit properly. If you need assistance with ordering a Zephyr Unit, please contact our customer service department at 877-847-0405.

Great Warranty

Zephyr offers a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year labor warranty. Zephyr units are hard-wired. Converting to a plug-in will void your warranty.

How to Install Your Zephyr Ventilation

How to Measure Your CFMs

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