Timber & Suede: Designing an Organic Modern Kitchen with 'a big statement'

Categories: Kitchen Designer Interviews
Posted: May 15, 2024

We're diving in with Tammy Gormley, the visionary behind Timber and Suede Designs, as she takes us through the transformation of her own kitchen space in North Georgia. Gormley explores how a blend of modern aesthetics and functional design turned a lackluster kitchen into a stunning focal point of the home. 

Gormley's story begins with a custom-built home that exuded charm and character, yet fell short in one crucial area: the kitchen. 

"We really loved the bones of the home and the feel of the home. However, the kitchen didn't work for us."

With light gray cabinets and a cramped layout, it simly didn't align with her vision of organic modernism - a style characterized by clean lines and bold statements. 

The first step? Out with the old and in with the new. Tammy envisioned sleek black cabinets that would make a striking statement, accented by touches of gold for added flair. But the pièce de rèsistance? A show-stopping, 60-inch Curved Range Hood with a Brass Apron that captured the essence of modern design. "I wanted a big statement piece." Though her husband may have initially questioned her bold choice, Gormley's unwavering vision ultimately paid off. Adding contrast to the black cabinets, Gormley added a gorgeous white, leathered quartzite for the countertops and waterfall island.  

Yet, true transformation often lies in the details. Recoginizing the need to optimize both form and function, Gormley made strategic adjustments to the kitchen layout. By removing a cumbersome double oven that obstructed the dining area, she not only gained valuable counter space but also fostered a sense of openness and flow within the space. The addition of under-cabinet lighing further elevated the ambiance, a trend we have been seeing a lot. Gormley also added brass accents around the kitchen to break up the black. 

There's a  certain magic that happens when a kitchen designer gets the opportunity to design their own space - a chance to turn dreams into reality right in the heart of their own home. For Gormley, this expereince was nothing short of that. As someone who thrives on creating captivating spaces for her clients, stepping into the role of both designer and homeowner brought a new level of exctiement and inspiration. From envisioning the perfeect layout to hand-selectinng every fixture and finish, Gormley immeresed herself in the creative process with unparalled enthusiasm.

Timber and Suede Design is located in Dawsonville, Georgia. You can contact Tammy via her website and you can see more of her work on Instagram or Facebook