A Leap Into Simplistic Design

Stop prioritizing functionality over personal style; our Trimless wood range hood is an excellent choice to give your kitchen a sleek aesthetic. The Trimless Collection would complement your unique style, from an urban loft showcasing the high ceilings to adding clean lines to a coastal getaway.

Like any great design, a fundamental element or focal point creates the direction of your design. Here at Hoodsly, our focal point is our Wood Range Hoods that can complement your cabinets or stand out on their own in a variety of styles and colors.

Trimless Key Elements

Perfect fit

Bring your kitchen to an elevated level. Our trimless wood range hoods complement your frame or frameless cabinets with elegance.


Keep your cabinets flowing with a perfect color match on your wood range hood, or make a bold statement with a contrasting color.


Our two-piece construction makes the process to hang easy. Here at Hoodsly, we eliminate a step for you and install the ventilation.


Our Curved Wood Hood is the most popular style we offer. Now, you can fit it perfectly in between two cabinets. 


Break the horizontal line of cabinets with our Tapered Wood Hood. The room around your cabinets allows your tile wall or kitchen color to shine through.


A slight curve forward adds depth to any kitchen cabinet flow. In addition, the Sloped Trimless Wood Hood has flat sides which allow for easy installation against the cabinets next to the stove.


Keep the flow of your cabinets through the kitchen with our Angled Wood Hood. The blunt, flat sides allow easy installation against the wall and cabinets next to the stove.

Easy to

Experience the “custom feel” from our wood range hoods without the custom price.  Our hoods are fabricated in the US and shipped directly to your home.  Bringing cost savings and classic styling to the kitchen of your dreams.

color options

Keep your cabinets flowing with a perfect color match on your wood range hood, or make a bold statement with a contrasting color.

size modifications

Embrace your tall ceilings by extending the chimney on your wood range hood or extending the depth for a dramatic focal point.

Innovative Design

Hoodsly offers a wide variety of the latest trends in the kitchen range hood category. Our design innovations have simplified the installation and inspection process for wood hoods. Our two-piece design allows for the base of the hood to be mounted to the wall, ventilation to be installed, and the top to be placed on the base with ease. Before securing the top, inspections can be easily completed by removing the top to review the ventilation.