Wood Hood

Rustic. Natural. Raw.

You’ve probably seen shiplap if you’ve spent any time on home decor-focused Instagram accounts. This style of wood siding looks like it’s been sliced and stacked.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to revamp your kitchen without investing in expensive remodeling, there are still ways to add personality and function. Style direction:

Tapered With Shiplap

Box With Walnut Band

Box With Shiplap

Box With Shiplap & Trim

Shiplap Elements

Open Shelving

The raw, minimalistic shiplap design makes the home make these homes feel casual and relaxing.

Neutral colors

Color palettes tend to be genuine and straightforward, including either warm neutrals, cool neutrals, earth tones, or raw blues and greens.

natural wood

Re-use, restore, rejuvenate with a farmhouse feel with natural wood furniture pieces or decor.

Easy to

Experience the “custom feel” from our wood range hoods without the custom price.  Our hoods are fabricated in the US and shipped directly to your home.  Bringing cost savings and classic styling to the kitchen of your dreams.


Add dimension to your wood hood with block or flat molding.

color options

Keep your cabinets flowing with a perfect color match on your wood range hood, or make a bold statement with a contrasting color or material.

size modifications

Embrace your tall ceilings by extending the chimney on your wood range hood or extending the depth for a dramatic focal point.