Tapered Straight #791


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Stock Number : 791
Vent Included : No
Style : Tapered Straight
Tapered Hood Size : 36" width x 36" height
Color : white
Molding Type : Flat
Molding Install : Removed
Crown Molding : None
Depth : standard 18"
Height : Standard (None)
Solid Bottom : No



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  • Tapered with Strapping – White Finish 
  • Dimensions: 36″W x 36″H x 18″ Standard Interior Depth 
  • Hood in solid condition – few smudges on hood and bottom is scuffed. Some of the flat trim has been removed and has torn the veneer. Needs a new set of trim. Back trim messed up on both sides. See pics. 
  • Does not come with top and side flat trim – this can be purchased(Bottom trim is on hood)
  • Sold as is